Recycling in Medford

Medford has a single-stream recycling program. Each household receives a 96-gallon recycling bin, which is collected every other week on trash collection days. All recycling is collected together in the one bin, which means no sorting for residents. Waste Management takes the combined recycling to the Casella Materials Recovery Facility, a comprehensive sorting facility, to be separated and sent to various processors and buyers.

The global markets for recycling are changing, and Massachusetts is working hard to improve recycling! Learn more about what’s recyclable at Recycle Smart MA, learn how Waste Management processes curbside recyclables here, and learn how you can Recycle Better™ with this short video on recycling from Casella.

Note: Some apartment buildings and condos, as well as many businesses, do not participate in the City’s trash collection program, and so do not receive free single-stream recycling through the City. If this is true for you, contact your landlord or resident services office for more information about how to recycle where you live.

Medford Recycling Schedule 

2021 Collection Schedule – complete flyer

2021 Collection Schedule – calendar only

Wondering about what you can and can’t recycle? Search for an item in Recycle Smart MA’s Recyclopedia below to see how best to dispose of it. 

Want to recycle something Medford doesn’t take? Check out MassDEP’s Beyond the Bin Recycling Directory.