Our Work

The City of Medford has been committed to environmental preservation, clean energy, and green initiatives for over two decades. 

Many of the current projects on this site are led by the Office of Planning, Development, and Sustainability which has recently combined the Offices of Community Development & Energy and Environment. This merger is designed to bring the City’s expertise in sustainability and climate change to all planning, development, and housing projects. It is the goal of the office to ensure a sustainable and thriving Medford for all.

Green Projects Overview

Broad list of ongoing and completed energy and environment related projects

Confronting Climate Change

Lowering the Medford's carbon footprint while creating a climate resilient community

Improving Energy Efficiency

Eliminating energy waste through building and lighting improvements across the city

Storm Water Management

Keeping our rivers and streets clean through our storm water management plan and the work of DPW

Energy and Environment Committee

The E&E commmittee supports the City’s goals of energy independence and environmental stewardship.

Brownfield Clean Up

Our work with the Dept of Environmental Protection to remediate brownfields in the City of Medford

Wind Turbine

Find out more about Medford's own wind turbine located at the McGlynn School

Idle-Free Community

Learn about our Idle-Free program and the serious problems idling cars create

Solar Projects

Solar arrays are producing power across the city! Learn more about Medford's current and upcoming solar sites