Municipal Solar Systems

A 235kW solar energy system is installed on the roof of Medford’s Department of Public Works building

The City of Medford has committed to the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050. This means that our infrastructure must rely on other low-emission energy systems. Solar energy will play an important role in meeting this target, and Medford has already started to invest in solar systems for our public buildings. These systems additionally benefit the City by providing electricity at a lower rate, creating savings on our energy bills. If you’re interested in exploring more of Medford’s renewable energy infrastructure you can learn about our wind turbine here.

Check out the City’s current solar projects below and stay tuned for future developments!

Department of Public Works

In 2019, the City worked with Solect Energy and PowerOptions to install a 180 kW AC photovoltaic solar array on the roof of the new DPW building. The array generates approximately 80% of the building’s electricity usage and serves to reduce the City’s electrical expenses by a projected $11,000 annually. The array is a power purchase agreement, meaning that Solect Energy financed, installed, and will service the roof-top solar array, while the DPW receives the power generated at a fixed price for a period of 20 years.

The City is currently working to install a 100 kW / 300 kWh solar battery storage system and a fully functional micro-grid. This addition will allow the DPW building to remain online in the case of power outages and provide continuous service in the event of an emergency, recharging from the solar panels in addition to the building’s oil-fired generator, reducing dependence on the generator.

Police Station

The new Medford Police Station opened in December 2020. On its roof is a 60 kW solar system, fully owned by the city, which helps power the station. The building itself is highly energy-efficient and uses half the energy that it would consume if it was built to only meet the current energy code. The station uses zero fossil fuels for its heating, cooling, and ventilation systems, and instead, relies on heat pumps and a highly efficient energy recovery ventilation system.

The public view of the solar is can be accessed here.

Charlotte and William Bloomberg Medford Public Library

Medford's Public Library Solar Array - 217 kW photovoltaic array installed in 2022, as seen from above

The new Medford Public Library Building opened in January 2022. The Library has 217 kW of solar, owned by the city, on the roof. The building is all-electric and with its on-site solar power, the Medford Public Library is the first net-zero public library in Massachusetts. Its energy-efficient and net-zero design qualified for LEED silver certification.  More information about the sustainability features of the building design are on the architect’s website.

You can view the public solar dashboard here.