Municipal Energy Aggregation

Current information on Medford's community electricity aggregation program:

Future savings cannot be guaranteed

Where can I learn more about Community Aggregation and answer any questions?

The Medford Community Electricity website,, has in-depth information about the program and your options. If you still have questions, please submit them through the program’s contact form.

Medford Community Electricity Aggregation is a program offered by the City of Medford for residents and businesses with more renewable energy and electricity options. The program doesn’t replace National Grid or Eversource, the electric utilities in Medford, which continue to deliver the electricity, repair outages and manage all the billing so participants continue to receive a single bill from the utility.

Medford CEA is the only electricity program offered by our City – beware of look-alike offers and always look for the City seal on materials sent to you!

You can find all the program details on the program website

Started in 2019, the program has always included cleaner electricity than required by Massachusetts (by adding 5% more Renewable Energy Certificates to the default product), creating the needed demand for more renewable energy generation in our region. The program is an integral part of the City of Medford’s Climate Efforts.

In fact, the program offers a 100% renewable energy option: you can sign up your home or your business on the program website It takes less than 5 minutes, and you can be part of the solution to the climate crisis.