Medford Community Gardens

We are a group of residents working with the City of Medford and others to enhance the quality of urban life and build community bonds by creating and sustaining a gardening network that promotes the benefits of “green” and sustainable gardening practices. We invite Medford residents to join us, particularly those without gardening space and who want to be part of a community garden.

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Recommend new places for future gardens! See the Commission guidelines and a sample petition to get started.

Winthrop Garden

The Winthrop garden was built in 2015-16 on land along the Mystic River near the Condon Shell. It has 38 garden plots.
Address: 213 Winthrop St

Tufts Garden

The Tufts Garden was built in 2017 behind the Curtis-Tufts School in Tufts Park. There are 24 garden plots.
Address: 437 Main St

McNally Garden

The McNally garden beds were included in a park renovation in 2015. There are four garden plots.
Address: 37 Webster St.

Riverbend Garden

Administered independently, the Riverbend garden was built in 2005 in Riverbend Park. There are 32 garden plots.
Address: 90 Locust St.

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