Boating in Medford

Below is a list of public-access places to launch boats in Medford: 

  • Tufts Sailing Pavilion, Upper Mystic Lake
  • Shannon Beach, Upper Mystic Lake
  • High St. Bridge, crossing into Arlington: park on Arlington St. and carry boats 50 ft. There is a bank that’s steep but short with a few well worn pathways and a tiny bit of shore to stand in while boarding the boat. Access up to the lower Mystic lake and downriver to Medford Center. A pleasant paddle with just a little current to counter upstream.
  • Dugger Park: park along the river, lots of spots to easily launch from 
  • South St. & Tuoru Ave, Boat Ramp
  • Condon Shell, Boat Ramp: near the parking lot behind the Shell
  • Hormel Stadium, Boat Ramp
  • Blessing of the Bay, Boat Ramp
  • Mystic River Walking Trails, State Barracks: there is a spot on one of the walking trails with water access 
  • Tufts Boathouse, River’s Edge, Malden River
  • River’s Edge Park: there is a public launch on the Malden River between the Modera and River’s Edge developments 
  • Schrafft’s City Center, Boat Ramp
  • Little Mystic Canal, Boat Ramp

Check out our interactive map below for boat launch locations in Medford.