Canoemobiles at Harvest Your Energy Festival

In 2016 Groundwork Somerville, partnered with Wilderness Inquiry and the National Park Service, to bring Canoemobiles to the Harvest Your Energy Festival! They gave half hour rides in the Mystic River.



From 2016 outreach:

Guests will stop by Groundwork Somerville’s table to sign a waiver and then a Wilderness Inquiry staff member will pull a group of 9-10 together to go out in the water. While they are waiting to get on the canoe, the group will get paddles and be fitted for PFDs, and the staff member will go through a quick “how-to” for paddling and a quick water safety talk. Then they will load the boat and head out.


Enjoy the day!!
To learn more about the Wilderness Inquiry Canoemobile program, check out their website: