Boards and Commissions

The City of Medford has a number of boards and commissions that residents can be appointed to. These groups help define the direction of our community, play a vital role in our government, and provide a great way for residents to get involved. Below is a list of boards and commissions that the Office of Planning, Development, and Sustainability works with closely and whose work often has an environmental focus.

A full list of the City of Medford’s Boards and Commissions can be found here.

The best way to find information on how to join upcoming board and commission meetings is by clicking on the event on Medford’s City Events calendar.

All residents over the age of 18 are encouraged to submit an application to serve on an official board or commission. Please fill out this form to let us know which groups you are interested in. If you have a current resume/CV, please submit it along with this form.

Bicycle Commission

The Medford Bicycle Advisory Commission (MBAC) advises the City on ways to improve infrastructure for cyclists, educates road users on how to drive and ride safely, and advocates for Medford’s local community of cyclists. Meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of every month from 7-9 pm and are open to the public. Learn more about the bicycle commission here.

Community Development Board

The Community Development Board (also known as the Planning Board) is responsible for reviewing proposed development, major construction, and significant renovation plans for Medford projects. They work to ensure that  development plans comply with Medford zoning and ordinances and advise the City on development and planning decisions. 

Community Garden Commission

The Medford Community Garden Commission works to organize, coordinate, set policies, and provide oversight for the community gardens of Medford. Meetings are held monthly on the fourth Tuesday of the month from 7-8:30 PM. Currently, meetings are being held over Zoom. Information on joining the Commission meetings can be found in the most recent meeting Agenda. Learn more about the commission here.

Community Preservation Committee

The Community Preservation Committee (CPC) evaluates the preservation needs of the City of Medford and makes recommendations to the Mayor and Medford City Council to appropriate Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds for projects that would best fulfill those needs. The CPC endeavors to improve open space, recreation, affordable housing, and historic preservation through the allocation of funding provided by the citizens and businesses of the City of Medford. Learn more about the CPC on their website here.

Conservation Commission

The Conservation Commission is responsible for the administration of Medford’s environmental laws and policies, open space protection and management, water management, and the preservation of natural features of the environment. The Conservation Commission consists of seven members, all of which are appointed by the Mayor, and meetings are held monthly. Learn more here.

Energy and Environment Committee

The Energy and Environment Committee is comprised of Medford residents who bring a variety of expertise to the city, particularly in the areas of energy efficiency, clean energy, community outreach, and education. The Committee advises the City on policies and actions that support Medford’s mission of environmental stewardship and energy independence. The Committee also organizes energy and environmental-related projects, events, and programs. For a full description of the Committee’s work, view their Go Green page

Historical Commission

The Medford Historical Commission works to preserve and protect the city of Medford’s historic character and heritage. The Commission is charged with identifying Medford properties and sites with historical significance and reviews all requests for demolition of buildings constructed more than 75 years ago or that are listed in the National Register of Historic Places or the Massachusetts Register of Historic Places. For more information, please check their website.

Historic District Commission

The Historic District Commission oversees all properties in Medford’s two historic districts: the Hillside Avenue Historic District and the Marm Simonds Historic District. The Commission reviews proposed changes to the structures and exteriors of Historic District properties, and it works with property owners to preserve the historical assets of Medford. Learn more here.

Park Commission

The Medford Park Commission advises the Parks Department on the use, maintenance, renovations, and expansions of the City’s parks which span over 118 acres of Medford land. For more information on meetings and agendas, explore their website page.

Climate Equity Council

The Council will advise the city on implementation of the Climate Action Plan, with a focus on representing the interests of previously underrepresented groups. Based primarily on Members’ lived experiences and perspectives they’ve gathered from their communities, the Council will give feedback on proposed City actions, including neighborhood-specific projects, buildings and energy projects, stormwater projects, public health projects, and transportation projects. For more information on meetings and agendas, explore their web page.