Storm Drain Labeling Program

Storm Drains and the Community

Storm drains are located throughout Medford. When in rains, the water that runs along gutters pours out into storm drains. But what happens to this water?

All the water the goes down the storm drains, stormwater, ends up in our rivers and ponds. Unlike the water from our homes, stormwater is not treated before it enters local waterways. Nothing is removed from the water. Everything that was collected as the water runs off our roadways and sidewalks on its way to the storm drains, is dumped into the rivers used to boat and swim. That means trash, pet waste, fertilizer and motor oil all end up in our local bodies of water.

Stormwater is the leading cause of water quality deterioration in the Mystic River and Wright’s Pond and it is coming from our own homes and community. We can work as a community to reduce pollution and keep our rivers safe & clean.


Benefits of Storm Drain Labeling

Storm drain labeling is an effective, low-cost method of educating residents about the water quality problems in the Mystic River and Wright’s Pond. Medallions affixed along curbs with the message “No Dumping Drains to River”, it promotes awareness about the connection between stormwater and the quality of our local waterways.┬áMedallion messages are found to be more influential than other sources at raising awareness about polluted stormwater.

labeling-groupHow can you help?

Your community group can do a large part in improving the quality of our rivers. Volunteer groups ages 11 and up (volunteers under 16 must be accompanied by a supervising adult) are needed to affix special labels to the curbs next to storm drains throughout Medford. Volunteers will be provided with all the equipment needed including a special caulk and safety equipment and maps of an area in Medford to label.

If you are interested in getting involved contact the Office of Energy and Environment at: (781)393-2137 or email