Recycling Services in Medford

Medford has single-stream recycling. This means that all your materials to be recycled go together into one bin, which is collected by Waste Management, the City’s waste disposal service, every other week. Single stream recycling makes it much easier for residents to recycle, and increases the proportion of waste that gets recycled.  This is good for the City, good for residents, and good for the environment. (Go here for a short introductory video on single-stream recycling from Waste Management.)

Note: Some apartment buildings and condos, as well as many businesses, do not participate in the City’s trash collection program, and so do not receive free single-stream recycling through the City. If this is true for you, contact your landlord or resident services office for more information about how to recycle where you live.

Medford Recycling Schedule


What Can Be Recycled in Medford?

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