Medford Green Awards

What are the Medford Green Awards?

The Medford Green Awards recognize Medford businesses and residents for outstanding effort to conserve energy and protect our environment. The Green Awards are sponsored by the City of Medford and the Medford Energy & Environment Committee.

Who is eligible for a Green Award?

Any business or resident of Medford is encouraged to apply! The Medford Green Awards are available, but not limited, to residents and businesses that demonstrate energy and environmental initiatives in areas such as energy efficiency, energy conservation, water conservation, preservation of resources, education to fellow residents and/or tenants on environmental and/or energy topics, wastewater management, promotion of alternative forms of transportation and public transit, on-site renewable energy production, purchase of renewable energy, and sustainable food production. 

How are the winners decided?

Businesses and residents are invited to nominate themselves, or someone else. Applications generally open around Earth Day (April 22nd) each year and are open until the early fall.  Awards are given out at the City’s annual Harvest Your Energy Festival. A Subcommittee of the Medford Energy Committee and the Director of Energy & Environment will select the winners.

Here is a video about the Green Awards!

The 2020 Green Awards were postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For more details about the Green Awards and information on nominating yourself, a business or a friend, see this page.

To see past winners click below:


2013 Green Award Winners

Questions can be directed to Alicia Hunt in the Medford Office of Energy & Environment at or 781-393-2137