Medford Energy Committee


Medford Energy Committee Photo Taken February 4, 2013. Bob Paine, Susan Altman, John Rogers, Kathleen McKenna Jeff Goldsmith, Elisabeth Krautscheid, J.R. Siegel, Brett Sullivan Jonathan Hunt, Rick Sacco, Curtis Tuden, Fred Laskey Carey Duques, Mayor Michael J. McGlynn, and Alicia Hunt

Mayor Michael McGlynn created the Medford Energy Committee (MEC) in November 2010 to augment the city’s effort to become a municipal leader in energy efficiency, conservation and renewable energy. The Medford Energy Committee has taken on the work of the Medford Clean Energy Committee and the Medford Energy Task Force. Each member of the committee is appointed by the Mayor.

The Medford Energy Committee works in conjunction with the Medford Office of Energy and the Environment to support the City’s goals of energy independence and environmental stewardship. The Committee provides additional technical and consulting expertise to the City and organizes energy and environmental related projects, events and programs to benefit the residents of Medford. The Committee is comprised of Medford residents who bring a variety of expertise to the city, particularly in the areas of energy efficiency, clean energy, community outreach and education.

Projects that the Committee has been involved with include the Idle Free campaign, the Solarize Medford initiative, the Go Green Residential home energy assessment program, and the Medford Wind Turbine. They are also actively planning this year’s Harvest Your Energy Festival and taking submissions for the 2014 Medford Green Awards. 


 Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote policies and actions that improve energy efficiency, encourage conservation, and increase the use of renewable energy to meet our present needs while considering future generations of the Medford community. 

Committee Staff

 alicia hunt Alicia Hunt is the Director of Energy & the Environment and the Environmental Agent for the City of Medford and works with the committee. Alicia started with the city in 2010 as the Energy Efficiency Coordinator and has done a lot of energy efficiency work on the City’s buildings. Alicia facilitated the City’s Green Communities designation and works to bring in energy and environment related grants and programs to the City of Medford. Like the members of the Energy Committee, Alicia is also a Medford resident who brings her green knowledge to other Medford organizations in her spare time.

Committee Members

  Jeff Goldsmith is a senior electrical engineer for Seven Seas Water, designing seawater desalination equipment and facilities. Among previous jobs, he was the principal electrical engineer for GE Water & Process Technologies, and worked on developing solar cell manufacturing processes at Mobil Solar. He earned an electrical engineering degree from Tufts, and has lived in Medford since then.
  Jonathan Hunt is a Senior IT Project Manager at MIT with a background in electrical engineering and a passion for sustainability. He writes the green living blog Green Lifestyle Changes with his wife Alicia and they are active in greening their church, Grace Episcopal in Medford. He is also a local artist who makes jewelry out of solar panels. He is very proud of the 4.68 kW Solar PV awning on his home.
lauretta final choice Lauretta James has experience in business management, sales, event organizing and art & design. Previously, President of the MA Elevator Safety Association, Board of Directors of Mobius artist group and owner of a service business she has worked with the MA Dept. of Public Safety and many other groups to promote their cause. In addition; she has Professional Florist Training from Cass Florist School and is a MA Real Estate Agent. In 2013 she worked on Medford’s Solarize program and the Harvest Your Energy Festival. With her diverse background and working with the committee; she hopes to keep Medford the beautiful city that it is and promote the city of Medford’s goals to be an environmental leader.
  Kathleen McKenna
 luke mckneally Luke McKneally has been a Medford resident since 2007, and is a registered architect with in-depth experience in energy-efficient, environmentally responsive design and the use of renewable energy in buildings. He is a green building project manager at New Ecology, Inc., a sustainable development non-profit organization providing guidance to owners, developers, architects and engineers on energy efficiency and sustainable design measures that are proven to work and provide energy savings and rebate dollars, especially for low-income multifamily housing. He previously worked at Solar Design Associates, a pioneering renewable energy architecture and engineering firm, where he managed renewable energy integration and development projects for over 7 years. He continues to be focused on improving the efficiency and sustainability of each building’s materials, systems, and construction to provide owners and tenants with durable and healthy buildings that make a positive impact on our environment. Wherever possible, he looks for opportunities to integrate renewable energy systems and strive for carbon neutrality, with fewer fossil fuels.
  Bob Paine is an air pollution meteorologist who deals with clean air issues every day at work. He believes that pursuit of new energy sources and a wiser use of current ones are needed to keep Medford and the USA on the forefront of environmental technology. In that regard, he has a leased solar PV system on his home’s roof that will supply about half of his electrical needs for the next 20 years.
john rogers John P. Rogers has an extensive background in energy conversion especially with respect to motors, batteries, chargers, and the power grid. He gained this knowledge working in the electric vehicle industry for seventeen years. First with Solectria, developing the electrical system for the world record holding “Solectria SunriseEV and eventually working on the development of Solectria’s Grid Tied Solar Inverters. Finally working with Azure Dynamics developing a Ford E250 Electric Van Prototype, and refining the onboard charging system for the Ford Transit Connect Electric. Today he works for Instrumentation Laboratory in Bedford, MA. A life long resident of Medford, taking advantage of all Medford had to offer, he attended Medford High School and also took course work at the Medford Vocational High School. This broad education lead him to win third place in the Massachusetts State Science Fair his junior year for a functioning R2D2 robot replica. He is proud to serve on the Medford Energy Committee because he recognizes all of the good work Medford has done for energy independence and environmental stewardship. John hopes that his technical expertise along with the broad backgrounds of the other dedicated members of the committee will help benefit Medford as an energy and environmental leader among Massachusetts communities.
  Brett Sullivan is senior business adviser for Grant Thornton LLP specializing in IT control assessments and design evaluation. He is driven to help support the city’s goals of energy independence and environmental stewardship.
Curtis Tuden is a lifelong resident of Medford and a member of the Energy Committee since 2011. He works at Medford High School as a registrar and volunteers with student environmental groups in addition to coaching the freshman baseball team. With a master’s degree in Ethics and Public Policy and a dedication to lifelong learning his hope is to work for an environmentally responsible community for years to come.
 sergi valme Sergi Valme
  Catherine Young is an Environmental Engineer working at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in the Emergency Planning and Response Branch. In her position as an On Scene Coordinator, she has responded to numerous oil and hazardous materials releases within New England and across the country, including the Columbia Space Shuttle response in Texas, BP Oil Spill in the Gulf Coast, Silvertip Oil Spill in Montana and Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy. Her responsibilities also include coordinating with local and state government agencies across New England to ensure preparedness for environmental emergencies. Her interest in protecting the environment has brought her to the Medford Energy Committee, where she is looking forward to working on projects which will assist Medford in maintaining its municipal leadership in Energy Conservation and Efficiency.