Park & Path Developments

Medford has a number of parks that are maintained by both the city and state. The City maintains over 118 acres of land through the Medford Parks Division of DPWThere are continuously improvements being made to our parks by both the city and state. We will try to share here any information or news that The Medford Office of Energy and Environment will try to share any information or news that we are aware of here.

Current Projects

Clippership Connector

Located along Mystic River, between Clippership Drive and Riverside Park. This half-mile waterfront path will connect more than 10 miles of contiguous greenways and provide a safe and scenic route between Medford Square, Andrew/McGlynn Schools, and Riverbend Park.

This project is a partnership between the Massachusetts Department of  Conservation and Recreation (DCR) the City of Medford, the Mystic River Watershed Association, and WalkMedford through the DCR Partnership Grant Program. The DCR has hired Crosby, Schlessinger, Smallridge to do the design and engineering of this path. The first public meeting at the Andrews School on June 8th, 2017 was well attended by Medford residents. You can view the presentation from the public meeting here. You can view the presentation prepared for the January 2019 City Council meeting here. 

The project has been somewhat delayed by the discovery of contaminated soil at the south end of the project, in the northern most tip of Riverbend Park.  A portion of the problem area is owned by the DCR and a portion by the City of Medford, who have been collaborating to determine the extent of the problem and a remediation solution.  The current schedule is for planning and design to occur during 2018 and for construction on both the remediation and path to occur in 2019.

The Design of the path is being funded through a DCR 2017 Partnership Grant and Wegman’s and the Solomon Foundation each provided $23,000 to support Medford’s share of the partnership. In 2019 the city received a second DCR Partnership Grant of $70,000 to continue the design and engineering. The 2019 grant was matched by a donation from the Solomon Foundation of $35,000 and the Cummings Foundation grant.

In 2018, the path was awarded a 100K for 100 grant from the Cummings Foundation to help pay for Medford’s costs related to the design and construction of the path.


Map of the Clippership Connector from MyRWA

Dog Park

Located in Riverbend Park, behind the McGlynn Elementary School and off of Freedom Way (see map below). The area includes a 12,000 sq.ft. large dog park and a 4,000 sq.ft. small dog park. This is Medford’s first dog park, and includes an off-leash recreation area, dog-friendly surfacing and park furniture, and security features.

Paws 4 Medford is a resident group in Medford that has worked with the city to obtain a $250,000 grant from the Stanton Foundation to build this park. For more information and the latest news on the project’s status, goals, or design plans check out the Paws 4 Medford website or the Paws4Medford’s presentation to school principals concerning the dog park on May 26, 2016.

Andrew Leonard was hired to design the park and NEDP Construction was hired to build the park. Groundbreaking for the dog park was on June 8, 2017, and the park was opened for public use December 2017.

Dog Park

Riverbend Park

In the spring of 2017 the City became aware of lead and arsenic at the surface of the northernmost end of Riverbend Park. The MA Department of Environmental Protection required that the area be fenced off and further testing be conducted.  The City issued a statement and provided information on lead in soils, which can be read on the City’s website here. The City has been working with the state on this, and some of the area inside the fence is actually property of the MA Department of Conservation and Recreation. The City continues to work with their Licensed Site Professional to evaluate options for this area and conducted additional testing in the fall of 2017.

MA Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) Projects

map - DCR macdonlad Park Medford Ma CO 07 Plan-Rev 6-16

Repaving of paths through Memorial Park and MacDonald Park. The path in Memorial Park was repaved in Spring 2017. The map below shows in green paths that were repaved during the Summer 2016. The other paths will be repaved during future seasons, as long as funding is available.  During the summer of 2017 DCR built a boat landing and picnic area in MacDonald Park, with picnic benches and rain gardens.

Malden River Greenways Vision Project

Located on the eastern edge of the City of Medford, the Malden river flows out of Malden and forms the border between Medford and Everett. Traditionally a very industrial area, the Medford side of the river is the home to the award winning RiversEdge property whose riverfront paths are open to the public. The Mystic River Watershed Association (MyRWA) is working to create a shared vision for a seamless waterfront park system along both sides of the Malden River, connecting communities in Medford, Malden and Everett to this important natural resource.

Over the course of 2017, MyRWA partnered with cities, local developers/businesses, community groups and citizens to create a comprehensive vision that will support the implementation of vibrant and connected parklands along the river. Utile, the design consultant, developed a master plan and recommendations for new parks, paths, and amenities along the Malden River. 

MyRWA held three public workshops in June, August and October to talk about the greenway plan and to share visions for the future of the Malden River. Notes and drawings from the meetings are available on MyRWA’s website here.

They continue to collect thoughts and comments on the future of the Malden River through their mapping survey available here. See updates and stay connected via MyRWA’s e-newsletter and social media to join in the visioning process.

The project is a partnership between the MyRWA; the cities of Everett, Malden, and Medford; Bike to the SeaFriends of the Malden River; Lawrence and Lillian Solomon Foundation; Preotle, Lane and Associates; and Wynn Design and Development.

Map of Proposed Malden Greenway from Utile