FindMedford Pedestrian Wayfinding

The City of Medford launched FindMedford, a wayfinding signage pilot program in the summer of 2022. The program is funded by a Shared Streets and Spaces grant from MassDOT. Sign design, walking routes, and destinations were developed in collaboration with WalkBoston and WalkMedford. The program will ultimately create a comprehensive city-wide plan for signage to help people get where they want to go.

What is pedestrian wayfinding?

Pedestrian wayfinding includes signage and other informational cues that help pedestrians navigate the streets in accurate and clear paths. The FindMedford program utilizes signs along sidewalks that  inform pedestrians of how long it takes to walk and bike to specific destinations and point them in the right direction. The initial phase of the pilot program focuses on Medford Square, directing pedestrians to destinations in and around the square. Signage also connects walkers to four other neighborhoods: Haines Square, South Medford, Hillside, and West Medford.

View the map of destinations and walking routes below.

What are the benefits of pedestrian wayfinding?

  1. Health and Safety

Wayfinding can improve safety in high traffic areas by directing pedestrians along safe and clear routes. The program also increases awareness that walking to nearby destinations in Medford is both a feasible and supported option. More people choosing to walk means increased opportunities for exercise and time spent outdoors, which ultimately contributes to a more vibrant, active, and environmentally sustainable Medford.

2. Accessibility

By providing accurate and visible information on the distance and direction of key destinations, FindMedford aims to empower residents and visitors with the knowledge needed to successfully get where they want to go. These wayfinding signs will highlight the City’s history, including landmarks and buildings, give squares and destinations a boost, and assist with the transition between car, pedestrian, and transit use.

3. Economic Development

Wayfinding signage is a great way to introduce visitors to Medford and direct them to the city’s various business districts and destinations. Increased foot traffic through the city is great for Medford’s businesses and essential to economic growth.

Implementing Medford’s Goals

The launch of the FindMedford pilot program is an important step toward achieving some of the goals listed in Medford’s Comprehensive Plan:

AA3.1.4 Prioritize quick-build fixes for dangerous pedestrian areas (pgs 155 and 235)

VP1.7.3 Develop a palette of streetscape materials and furniture for public improvements that is flexible enough to reinforce the identity of each center and present a consistent identity throughout the city (pgs 108 and 226)

Not sure what Medford’s Comprehensive Plan is? Visit to learn more!

We want to hear from you!

Whether you are a long-time resident or new to the neighborhood, we encourage you to share your thoughts on the program. Feedback on the implementation of the pilot program will be used to inform a permanent, city-wide pedestrian wayfinding signage program. 

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Please reach out to the Office of Planning, Development, & Sustainability at or (781) 393-2480 with any questions or comments regarding the pilot program