Energy Efficient Medford

The City of Medford is committed to reaching net-zero emissions by 2050. An important part of this goal is reducing the City’s energy consumption. By using less energy, Medford can cut back on fossil fuel emissions and save money on electricity bills. There are many ways the City can work to consume less energy, including improving our building’s energy efficiency so that they use less electricity and switching streetlamps and other lighting to LED bulbs.

Check out the pages below to learn more about how the City of Medford is improving our energy efficiency. If you’re interested in learning how you can cut down on your own electricity use, click here for our home energy efficiency tips.

LED Lighting Upgrade

The city has implemented many LED lighting upgrades to municipal facilities and streetlights!

Energy Efficient Buildings

Learn about how Medford is updating out buildings to be more energy efficient.

Automated Demand Response

What is Automated Demand Response and how do Medford buildings participate?