Go Green Medford

Go Green Medford is a program of the City of Medford designed to raise awareness of energy and environmental issues. Many of these projects are organized by the Office of Energy and Environment, but others are organized by municipal committees and commissions. Click the icons to find out more about our current projects:

 385 Stories to Go Green

Medford Community GardenMedford

hyef-10-01Harvest Your Energy Festival

Read how Medford residents have gone green and share your own stories. Expanding Medford’s Community Gardens Medford’s Annual Green Festival

Medford Green Awards

Idle-Free Medford


Medford Green Awards for residents and businesses Getting residents to cut down on leaving their cars running Medford owns a 100kW wind turbine

Medford Energy CommitteeMedford
Energy & Environment

storm waterStormwater
in Medford

Go Solar

Committee appointed by the Mayor to work with the City on energy efficiency, clean energy & conservation. Do you know how the rain water affects our environment?  Information about putting solar on your home or business