Compost Bins

New-Age Compost Bins

See below for more information on purchasing “New-Age compost bins” directly from Medford DPW, for immediate pickup.

Rain barrel orders for 2018 are now complete.

New England Plastics Corp.


Available year-round from Medford’s DPW, you can pay for the compost bin in the DPW Office in City Hall, room 305, during City Hall hours. Then, you pick up the compost bin from our City Yard location at 48 James St (details provided when you pay for the bin at City Hall).

Soon, you’ll be able to order the compost bin for our spring batch order online. Order deadline and pickup date TBA.

These compost bins are highly recommended by the State Department of Environmental Protection.

New-Age Compost bins will be available for order through the office of energy and environment soon, and are available through DPW year round, for $55

Composting FAQ

Actually, yes. We have New Age Compost Bins available immediately.  Bring $55 cash or check to Medford DPW in City Hall during business hours.  They keep these compost bins in stock.

Because the OEE order is a once-a-year batch order, we can accommodate a high quantity of bins, quickly, while DPW offers them continuously. With ours, you can order online, then pick up the bin on a date TBA, where we will load your car for you. There is no difference in price.

The MA Department of Environmental Protection has a lot of great information about getting started composting, on their site.

It is a charge from the credit card companies to the City, we pass the charge through.

Here is a video of the Energy & Environment Director’s children showing how easy it is to compost that they made several years ago: