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Why Clean Energy?

Medford Schools Get Energy Boost From Wind Power!

Medford residents have the power to bring more clean energy to our community.

Let’s make more!

Facts about Clean Energy

Clean Energy Is Real

  • New technology allows us to harness wind, water, and solar resources in cost-efficient ways.

Clean Energy Is Here

  • Solar panels in Medford supply electricity for lights at Hormel Stadium and City Hall.
  • A wind turbine in Hull, MA supplies electricity to 250 homes.
  • Small hydro-power units create power for factories and towns throughout our state.
  • Nationally, enough clean energy is produced to power all the homes in New England.
  • IBEW Boston Local 103 erected a turbine just off Route 93 in Dorchester, MA which supplies electricity to run about 35 percent of its three-story training facility.

Clean Energy Works

  • Schools, businesses, and government agencies are incorporating clean energy into their power needs.

Why Is Wind Energy Important?
Wind energy is renewable.
It is clean, quiet, and safe.
It does not use up natural resources.
It is independent from the oil/gas industry.
We do not have to import it.

Why Does Medford Need Renewable Energy?

Energy for our schools is expensive, and costs continue to rise.

Wind is dependable and available right here in Medford.

Wind power helps keep our city a leader in addressing climate change.

Why Do Medford Residents Support Wind Power?

“We live in the Wellington area, and my 7th grader goes to the Andrews School. My kids play Little League on the baseball fields there. I see this wind power project as a good thing. As a society we must reduce greenhouse gases, so I’m glad that Medford is playing a leadership role in reducing our city’s carbon footprint. And, as a parent, I hope this project will help our kids think differently about energy—that they will grow up thinking about renewable energy sources. Having wind energy at the school will help them do this.”

—Julia parent of 7th grader, Andrews School

“I hope instructors work the turbine into the curriculum, so that kids learn it’s important to conserve energy, and to look for other resources than fossil fuels.”

—Bruce parent of 7th grader, Andrews School

“Aside from the obvious energy and cost saving aspects, this is a perfect opportunity for teachers and administrators to utilize the wind turbine as an educational tool to revitalize the study of earth science, especially renewable resources.”

—Mike and Ann Marie parents of 4th graders, McGlynn School

Questions about wind power?

Check out our
Small Wind FAQ

Other Users of Wind Power in Massachusetts Are Saying…

“There’s no cost to run it—it’s just air. We have been depending on fossil fuels for too long.”

— Marty Aikens, IBEW Local 103

"We get the financial benefit, plus because it's a green source of energy the turbine becomes a focus of goodwill for the town."

—Hull selectwoman Joan Meschino