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As of June, 2008


Help Medford reach 660 households and earn a grant bonus of $33,000!

This bonus will allow us to purchase renewable energy kits for middle school technology labs.

GreenUp™ is offered in partnership with the Mass. Technology Collaborative's Clean Energy Choice™ program.


Through the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative's Clean Energy Choice™ Program, the City of Medford will receive matching grant money for every $1 that is spent on the GreenUp™ Program.

In addition if 3% (660) of our households sign up for GreenUp™, the Medford Public Schools will receive $33,000 for clean energy materials for the Technology Labs at the middle schools!

There are two ways you can help:

  1. Sign up for GreenUp™ Today
  2. Make a $5 monthly or a $100 one-time donation to the New England Wind Fund.

Your participation will help encourage new clean energy development in Massachusetts and will earn matching grant funds for projects in Medford!

Up to 100% of your contribution may be tax deductible!

Here's how GreenUp™ works:

1. Choose a renewable energy supplier

2. Sign up for GreenUp™ with that supplier and provide them your National Grid account number.

3. National Grid will add a small surcharge to your monthly bill. (You may cancel at any time without penalty).

4. The Massachusetts Technology Collaborative will provide Medford matching grants and bonus programs based on the contribution Medford residents make through GreenUp™.


Offset your GreenUp™ cost through home energy efficiency!

Support clean energy projects in Medford!


Medford Wind Turbine

Funds raised by Medford homes participation in  GreenUp have helped pay for a small wind turbine, to be erected and commissioned in the fall of 2008.  Although the turbine will pay for itself through energy savings, GreenUp funds are being used to help with the up-front construction costs.

Click here to learn more about
the Medford Wind Turbine

As of June, 2008, Medford residents participating in the GreenUp program have earned Medford over $55,000 in matching grant funds!


Mayor Michael J. McGlynn
"It is a great way for us to ensure a safe and healthy future for our children while receiving clean energy grants that can significantly benefit our schools now."

Roy Belson, Supt. of Medford Public Schools
"GreenUp™ is an investment in the future of the community and gives the community the ability to generate savings and build a safter, cleaner environment."

Breanna Lungo, Medford City Council
"GreenUp™ is a great way to help the future production of clean energy for our future generations. In regards to the present, the state's matching funds are going to help the City of Medford and our children learn about energy."

Carl Sciortino, State Rep.
"The GreenUp™ program is a great way for residents to help the environment, while at the same time bringing a direct benefit to the community. I am a strong supporter of increasing the use of renewable energy, and this is an easy way for everyone to help make that possible."

Paul Donato, State Rep.
"It's a great opportunity for Medford and me personally to make a commitment to saving our environment for our future."