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Medford's Efforts

Clean Energy Feasibility Studies Underway and Completed

  • Analysis of Wind Power Potential in Medford read more

  • Feasibility studies for solar pool and hot water heaters for Medford High School

  • Implementation of solar panels at City Hall and ongoing analysis of solar power potential at City Hall and other facilities.

Environmental Outreach Program

  • Student field trips and energy programs
  • Video series
  • News & event updates in local newspapers
  • Public Library Clean Energy displays and new energy section
  • Speaker series on clean energy and environmental issues at Medford Public Library
  • Community Events, including Medford's 375th Anniversary Celebration
  • Community Mailings
  • Medford Leads with Clean Energy Campaign Posters

Medford's Environmental Efforts

  • Solar Panels installed at Medford City Hall
  • Solar Panels installed at Hormel Stadium
  • New schools with Energy Management Systems
  • Conversion of olders schools from oil to cleaner and more efficient natural gas boilers
  • Integrating alternative fuel vehicles into City's fleet vehicles
  • Conversion of street lights and Holiday displays to 90% more efficient LED bulbs
  • Utilizing Biodiesel and ultra low sulfur diesel in municipal fleet and school buses
  • Creation of the Energy & Environmental Office
  • Participation in the Cities for Climate Protection Campaign and first municipality in Massachusetts to adopt a Climate Action Plan
  • All building energy performance has been benchmarked

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